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You are looking for a job, and like all of us, you will be preparing to send your resume to recruiters. Let's do our best to make a good first impression by writing a perfect resume that works.

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Writing a resume is a crucial and unavoidable step when looking for a job. Whether in paper or digital format, a well-written resume allows you to present yourself and highlight your career path to catch employers' attention. Its main objective is to win over the employer, to make them want to meet you early in the recruitment process. Within a single page or two, your resume should highlight your technical skills, emphasize your personality, highlight your professional experience and educational background, and clearly describe your career goals. In short, it should differentiate you from others in the job market so that you can find a job (summer jobs, internship, first job, permanent or fixed-term contract, young graduates, or even a spontaneous application...).

This site is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of making a good resume. It is also a guide to help you better write your resume so that it is an effective tool in your job search. It will accompany you throughout your project. Therefore, we have made available to you several sample resumes that you can download and personalize to suit your needs and experience. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of resources and advice (layout, writing, action verbs, etc.) that will help you in both your job search and your interviews.

The resume templates available on this site are in PowerPoint format, unlike resumes in Word format, PPT files are compatible with all word processing software (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Free Office, Google Docs, ...) and all our resumes are free to download. Discover our collection of professional resumes: original resume, classic resume, student resume, modern resume, Chronological, Word, PowerPoint, functional, thematic, ... You have a lot of choice!

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How do I download these sample resumes?

We offer more than a hundred resume templates to download for free. All the templates are in PowerPoint (pptx) format, which you can edit using software like PowerPoint or OpenOffice (free of charge). To get them on your computer, it couldn't be easier. Just select the design that you want and click on the download button. What is great about using this format is that it is easily editable. It is also easy to export your resume in PDF format. Caution: These resume templates made available to you do not guarantee that you will be hired or interviewed, they only serve to inspire you in your creations.

Basic Resume

If you are applying for a traditional function or job (accounting, administration, ...), it is preferable to use a classic CV. Attention Classic or Simple does not mean boring.

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Creative Resume

Here are some examples of original CVs. These models will easily adapt to any type of industry and profession. Students or applicants with no work experience will also benefit.

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Modern Resume

20 modern CV templates that can be used in any case. Adaptable, modern and well-structured CVs to highlight your skills and professional background.

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Clean Resume

Examples of CV Design to discover and download. Models that will arouse the curiosity of your future employer. These templates feature elaborate images and icons.

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Why your resume is important when applying for a job

Your resume reflects your professional personality, it conveys your image to recruiters. It is therefore very important to carefully prepare it when you are looking for a job. It should include your goals, your career path, your training (educational background), and highlight your key skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is the key to any job interview. You can use various forms of presentation: chronological, thematic, etc. The important thing is that it highlights your candidacy and your strengths. To create and write a good resume, take a look at the different types of resumes (original, modern, etc.) that are presented here, and consult our advice in the advice section. Finally, don't forget to write a cover letter in response to the job posting.

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