5 Reasons to Write a Resume

You might be wondering why you should even bother writing a resume in the first place - after all, don't most companies expect you to fill out an application anyway? The answer is twofold: while you will often be expected to fill out an application in addition to providing a resume for many jobs, most professional positions will expect both a resume and cover letter. However, having a top-notch resume to go alongside a standard application makes you look more professional, will help you stand out amongst other candidates, and could even open the doors to a better position than you were expecting! Even if you don't have a lot of practical, on the job experience, more than likely you have enough related (and even some seemingly non-related) experience that can be used to spice up your resume.


Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely have an excellent resume on file:

1. Its usually expected, and if not expected it will be greatly appreciated. Nearly all employers will want one, if for no other reason than to fill a file folder.

2. In order to place you in an appropriate position, an employer will want to see a concise list of your previous experience, abilities, accomplishments, and references.

3. To let the potential employer (as well as higher-ups who might be perusing your file) know about your previous successes. You never know when your particular skills will be desired, and having proof of them right in your resume could end up landing you a promotion you didn't even know you were applying for.

4. A resume can be a tool used in an interview, as your potential employer will likely have it right in front of him or her, using it as a guide for prompting you to elaborate on your skills or as confirmation that you possess the experience required for the position. You can also point out relevant data throughout the interview, which will be enforced in writing, right in front of your interviewer!

5. Leaving your resume in the hands of a potential employer can serve as a reminder that you are an excellent candidate, either for the position at hand or for another one down the road. A well-crafted resume will enhance your ability to create profitability for the company, which will keep you on the short list for a position.

Clearly, there is no reason to think that a resume is unimportant, or something that can be skimped on. It's not just a list of past positions you've held - it's a calling card, and a very important one at that.