Tips for Writing Resume Objectivess

To secure a job as a technical writer, you need to write a resume reflecting your strong writing skills and technical knowledge. Some technical writers build on an academic background (such as a medical writer who has taken courses in medicine), while other writers use knowledge gained in work experiences. Your writer’s resume objective is an important way to capture the attention of a recruiter or a hiring manager. This article provides tips for writing your resume objective as a sentence, an infinitive statement, or a position description.



An objective belongs near the top of the document, usually beneath your name and contact information. While some resumes include a written objective containing as few words as possible, other resumes contain a complete sentence.

Here is an example: “Working as a new business consultant, this writer will draft business plans that help entrepreneurs secure startup funding.” This statement describes the condition before describing the nature of the desired position.

Infinitive Statements

An infinitive statement is a short resume objective found on many types of resumes. There is no subject (person, place or thing) in the statement. It begins with “to” and is followed by a verb. The rest of the statement describes the ideal position.

Here is an example: “To write policies and procedures for software manuals.” This objective might fit a writer who wants to perform specific types of writing.

Here is another example indicating a wider range of work: “To write proposals for business, non-profit and government clients.”

Position Description

Some resume objectives contain a longer description. You may personalize a statement using “I” and/or write a very long sentence or infinitive statement. A statement longer than 30 words is more like a paragraph. offers this example: “Seeking a job in a fast-paced development environment where I can use my broad range of technical writing experience creating written, online and training tools to help customers successfully learn about new software products.” The first part of the statement is a condition – “development environment.” The second part describes what a job seeker wants to do - build training tools for software products).

Your writing resume should also deliver details about your qualifications and experience. After impressing a manager or recruiter with a great objective, find a way to organize your qualifications and experience in an easy-to-read format. With a strong resume, you can network your way to a great job as a technical writer.